CostumEpoque, in their 1200m2 ofiices, house an archive of more than 20,000 period costumes; 4 fitting rooms; a tailorís workshop; a fabric warehouse; experts in textile dyeing and ageing; and an armor archive.

CostumEpoque has always been passionate about collaborating with respected artisans, designers, tailors, milliners, embroiderers, and fabric restorers, in addition to many talented costumers, set designers and choreographers.

CostumEpoque is a source for renting, making and tailoring costumes as well as consultation on various artistic productions.

CostumEpoque is also:

  • Vestments for religious shows and period productions;
  • Costumes for carnival;
  • Custom-made and tailored tuxedos and morning suits,
    for purchase or rent;
  • Custom-made and tailored evening gowns and wedding gowns,
    for purchase or rent;
  • Consulting for theme parties.
  • Very big choice of costumes of 1950 - '60 - ' 70 - ' 80